No.163 "About the involvement of the tourism industry with regional development 2021" July issue

神楽岡神社 Kamuraoka Shrine 

【日本の感染者と重傷者と死亡者数の推移(日毎) 6月30日現在】Number of infected and seriously injured and fatalities in Japan (per day), As of June 30

Note the number of digits on the vertical axis

感染者数 Number of infected people in Japan

重傷者数 Number of seriously injured in Japan

死亡者数 Number of fatalities in Japan

【6月30日現在のPCR検査件数】PCR tests status as of June 30

PCR検査件数の内訳 - 厚労省のHPから Breakdown of the number of PCR tests - From the MHLW‘s website 

【トランプの抗体カクテル】The antibody cocktail of Trump


On June 29, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Japan applied to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for approval of the novel coronavirus drug under development for which an emergency use authorization has been issued in the United States. This is, a treatment method called "antibody cocktail therapy" with two drugs, "casilibimab" and "imdebimab", is adopted, and then, by co-administration, a neutralizing antibody that suppresses the action of the novel coronavirus can be produced. According to Chugai, overseas clinical trials have confirmed the effect of reducing the risk of hospitalization and death by about 70%. It is said that it can be expected to have an effect on the mutated novel coronavirus, and if approved, the Japanese government has agreed to secure the amount to be supplied domestically.
"Kashiribimab" and "imdebimab" are types of drugs called artificially made antibody drugs (Monoclonal Antibody). antibodies bind to "spike proteins," which are on the surface of the virus and provide a foothold for infecting cells, preventing the virus from invading and multiplying cells. It is said to have a preventive effect as well as a therapeutic effect. In the United States, it was also used when former President Trump was infected and hospitalized in October last year, and the FDA = Food and Drug Administration issued an urgent license in November.
Currently, there are three therapeutic agents approved in Japan. Both are drugs developed as treatments for other illnesses.
First, the antiviral drug "remdesivir," which was approved as a special case in May last year. Originally, it was developed as a treatment for Ebola hemorrhagic fever. Next, the steroid drug "dexamethasone" recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a therapeutic drug in July last year. it as to have the effect of suppressing inflammation and allergies. Originally, it is used to treat severe pneumonia and rheumatism. And, "baricitinib" approved in April this year. This is also a drug such as rheumatoid arthritis, and it is a condition that it is taken in combination with remdesivir for inpatients with moderate or higher illness who require oxygen administration.
According to Reuters, Chugai acquired development and exclusive marketing rights in Japan from its partner Roche in Switzerland last December.

【第9回太平洋・島サミット: PALM9】The Ninth Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting: PALM9


On July 2, The Ninth Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting was held under the co-chairs of Prime Ministers of Japan and Tuvalu by video conferencing. Includes Japan, Tuvalu, Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall, Micronesia, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon, Tonga, Banuatu, Australia, New Zealand, as well as New Caledonia and French Polynesia leaders from 19 countries and regions participated. this was scheduled to be held in Shima City, Mie Prefecture, as long as the coronavirus pandemic was over. It's a shame even though I sent the Watakano Island report to the secretariat.
The outline was introduced in the news, but Pacific island nations emphasize the importance of complying with international law, including the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and implementing water-based management in the Exclusive Economic Zone to ensure sustainable management of marine resources. The Japanese Prime Minister acknowledged that a free, open and sustainable ocean based on the rule of law is crucial for the peace and stability of the region. He also stated that he would promote cooperation in the field of marine resources, including ocean security, marine environment, and fishery resources.

付属文書2" 太平洋のキズナの強化と相互繁栄のための共同行動計画"から
From the annex 2 "Joint Action Plan for Strengthening Pacific Bonds and for Mutual Prosperity"

Defence and Coast Guard Exchanges

日本は、-防衛・海保当局間の交流を促進するため、自衛隊の航空機及び艦船並びに海上保安庁の練習船の太平洋地域への寄航・寄港の実施を積極的に推進する。-日本は、防衛関係者間の交流及び防衛当局間の信頼醸成を促進するため、初めてとなるPIF島嶼国との国防大臣の会合である日・太平洋島嶼国国防大臣会合(JPIDD)を主催する。 -日本は、海上当局職員間の交流を促進するため、世界海上保安機関長官級会合及びその関連会合への招待を行う。-日本は、自衛隊とパプアニューギニア国防軍との絆を深めるため、パプアニューギニア国防軍軍楽隊への能力構築支援を継続する。

- Japan will actively seek to make port calls in the Pacific by JSDF aircraft and vessels as well as by the Japan Coast Guard’s training vessels to promote defense and coast guard exchanges. - Japan will host the first-ever defense ministerial meeting with the FICs—Japan Pacific Islands Defense Dialogue (JPIDD)—to promote exchanges between defense personnel and confidence-building between defense authorities. - Japan will extend invitations to the Coast Guard Global Summit and its related meetings to promote exchanges between coast guard personnel. - Japan will continue to provide capacity building to the Defence Force Military Band of Papua New Guinea to strengthen bonds between the JSDF and the Papua New Guinean Defence Force.

【新型コロナワクチン接種後の死亡として報告された事例の概要】Summary of Cases Reported as Deaths After Vaccination with the novel Coronavirus

【2021年5月の国際収支】Balance of Payments for May 2021


On July 8, the Ministry of Finance announced the balance of payments for May. The current account balance is a surplus of 1,979.7 billion JPY.
The trade balance is a surplus of 2 billion JPY, and the travel balance is also a surplus of 16.9 billion JPY. According to the JTA, May‘s inbound was 10,000 (preliminary) and outbound was 30,100 (preliminary). credit 41 billion JPY and david 24.1 billion JPY. therefore, the unit price per person is 4.1 million JPY for inbound, and 800,644 JPY for outbound.
The air passengers is a surplus 5 million JPY. the sea passengers is a deficit of 200 million JPY. the other services have a deficit of 970.1 billion JPY, and the overall of the service balance is still a deficit of 255.5 million JPY.

【7月10日現在の感染確認数】Number of confirmed infections as of July 10


The number of infected people confirmed in 47 prefectures was 819,265, the number of deaths was 14,964 (Excluding deaths after vaccination of 556 people, February 17 to June 27), and the mortality rate remains 1.84%. In Japan, the mortality rate of the novel coronavirus is not high.
That the drug has been developed, I don't think we need a prophylactic vaccine that is predicted to be dangerous anymore.
【国・地域別の100人あたり接種回数(7月12日更新)】Number of inoculations per 100 people by country or region (Updated July 12)


【ゴジラ 1954 - AI機械学習によるカラー化】Godzilla 1954 - Colorize by AI machine learning

The first appearance scene was filmed in Toba City, Mie Prefecture 

Momoko Kōchi and Godzilla

Special effects was Toho Studio

Akira Ifukube conducting the "Prayer for Peace".

Godzilla was a metaphor of war damage.

Ujiyamada City, Mie Prefecture August 1945

 これらに加え、200枚ほどのモノクロームをカラーライズした。それらの多くはFacebookの Ohmss Imura に保存している。明暗だけで構成された画像データに色が備われば、人の琴線を刺激すること受け合いだ。モノクロームでは解りづらい些事も明確になる。

Besides them, I have colorized about 200 black-and-white photographs. The majority of them are stored on Facebook's Ohmss Imura. It is clear that if color is provided in image data composed only of light and dark, it stimulates human emotions. In some cases, also details that are difficult to distinguish in black and white are clarified.
However, this is still a developing technology. there seems to be a lack of learning data. the surface of the sea is always emerald green, and this don't even know the color of Tokyo Tower. a image modification software is indispensable. Also, when I try to recolorize a color photo, the result may even be the exact opposite. It replaces real with non-real.
I think this fact helps to understand AI machine learning. If you leave everything to AI, it will deviate from reality. It is dangerous to rely on too much.

【伝統的工芸品の国際商業化】The international commercialization of traditional crafts


The global trend has begun to shift to EVs to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
As the chairman of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Toyota's president is currently in Japan, where the weight of thermal power generation is high, and even if EVs are used, it will not lead to a drastic reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. He expressed a negative view of the rapid EV shift, saying that it should be considered together with the national energy policy. Also, the collapse of the supply chain and Kaizen business model is also a cause for concern.
However, last year Toyota reduced the number of production lines at its Shimoyama Plant in Miyoshi City, Aichi Prefecture, which is mainly in charge of engine manufacturing, from two to one. Small and medium-sized manufacturers involved in the manufacture of gasoline engines have recently been "statement" to reduce their jobs since the mid-2020s. After all, the number of EV parts is overwhelmingly small, about 20,000, which is two-thirds that of gasoline-powered vehicles. EVs powered by batteries, motors and sensors do not require gasoline injection devices, spark plugs, exhaust pipes or mufflers. In other words, subcontracting work will be reduced. The automobile industry, which employs about 5.5 million people including the base, will not be able to maintain the same scale as it is now.
Can Japanese automakers make a complete transition to EVs while retaining those who were once involved in internal combustion engines?
Toyota has begun demonstration tests of EVs and autonomous driving in "Woven City," but it is already overwhelmingly different from Tesla, which sells 500,000 EV autonomous vehicles annually. It is said that Toyota itself may lose the competition and decline in about five years.
In this way, Japan's number one foreign currency earning industry will evolve from goods exports to service exports, that is, international tourism. Although I did not report any news, the inbound to Japan in 2019 just before the novel coronavirus pandemic was the best in the Far East, overtaking China.
There is a possibility that the reconstruction of international tourism will be restored at once in Japan as well, with the deadline of the revised Special Measures Law next year. As a new industry associated with it, commercialization and international distribution of traditional crafts like Venetian glass are expected.
"Traditional crafts" are mainly used for daily life. The main part of the manufacturing process is handicraft. Manufactured by traditional techniques or techniques. Those that are manufactured by using traditionally used raw materials as the main raw materials. A number of people who manufacture or are engaged in the manufacture in a certain area. A craft that meets all of the above five items and has been designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry based on the Law Concerning the Promotion of the Traditional Craft Industry (Law No. 57 of 1974). As of January 15, 2021, there are 236 traditional Japanese crafts designated by Japan.

【7月20日現在の感染確認数】Number of confirmed infections as of July 20


The number of infected people confirmed in 47 prefectures was 848,297, the number of deaths was 15,095 (Excluding deaths after vaccination of 763 people, February 17 to July 16), and the mortality rate decreased to 1.78%. (The world average remains at 2.23%). On the other hand, the mortality rate after vaccination is 746 deaths after vaccination ÷ about 37.6 million people of inoculated, which is about 1.98%.

【五輪スタジアム】The Olympic Stadium


The Meiji Jingu Gaien Stadium was built in the Taisho era as Japan's first full-scale athletics stadium. After that, the "former" national stadium was rebuilt in 1958 for the purpose of hosting the Tokyo Olympics. And the current "new" national stadium was completed in 2019 as the main stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

【外国人技能実習制度】Skill training system for foreigners



The skill training system is a system that hires foreigners from developing countries for a certain period of time to transfer Japanese skills in order to contribute internationally. Until now, the accommodation industry was able to accept the "skill training No. 1" with a period of stay of one year, but the "skill training No. 2" with a total period of stay of three years was not covered. however, the Japan Hotel Association, the Japan Ryokan Hotel Living Hygiene Association, the Japan Hotel Association, the Japan City Hotel Association, and the Accommodation Industry Skills Examination Center worked on the formulation of technical intern training evaluation tests, and on February 25, last year, the Ministry of Justice Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare revised the technical intern training system based on the Foreign Technical Intern Training Law Was added to.
As a result, trainees who have passed the technical intern training evaluation test conducted by the accommodation industry skill test center established by the four accommodation industry groups can proceed to the skill training No. 2. It will be possible to work for a total of 3 years at ryokans and hotels based on the Ryokan Business Law.
As for the business contents, "essential work" such as reception, customer service, cooking and beverage provision is more than half, "related work" such as guest room cleaning and maintenance is less than half, and "peripheral work" such as dishwashing is less than one-third. Engagement only in related / peripheral work or late-night work such as night front is not permitted.
Ryokan / hotels apply for acceptance to "supervisory organizations" (such as nationally licensed non-profit business cooperatives) that are affiliated with sending organizations in each country. The training will start after the technical intern training plan and the certification of status of residence. Even after entering Japan and starting work, the supervising organization will provide guidance and audits for practical training. There is a cost burden for rykans and hotels. The Accommodation Skills Testing Center has set a guideline of around 1 million JPY for various expenses at the time of entry and 20,000 to 50,000 JPY for monthly management fees for supervising organizations. Wages are above the minimum wage, and you cannot change jobs. There is no examination at the time of entry in the skill training No. 1, but it is necessary to take a course such as Japanese immediately after entering Japan. The technical intern training evaluation test requires passing when moving to the skill training No. 2.
The "Skill training" has a different purpose and mechanism from the "specified skill" that started in April 2019.
The purpose of the skill training system is to have people from developing countries learn Japanese high technology through on-site training and spread the technology cultivated after returning to Japan. On the other hand, the status of residence "specified skills", which was newly established in April 2019, aims to make up for the labor shortage of Japanese companies. After completing the skill training No. 2, you can move to the specified skills No. 1 (period of stay, up to 5 years) without an exam, so it is expected that inns and hotels will select and utilize the system according to the policy of employment of foreigners. The coronavirus pandemic lost many lodging workers, but if it was on schedule, the "Special Measures Law" would be lifted in the next six months, the coronavirus would subside, and international tourism would be resumed in stages. It can be said that we are now in the preparation stage for supply and demand.
In particular, the front desk work, which requires advanced communication skills, confirmation of reservation arrangements, acquisition of neighborhood information, and reading and writing of customer names, has high hurdles. I tried to support by adding Roman letters to the customer name of kanji, but this kind of thing will need to be accepted without hesitation on the field side.

By the way, the types of business and occupations that can be employed differ between the "specified skills" and the "Skill training". the specified skills No. 1 has a total period limit of 5 years, construction industry, shipbuilding / marine industry, automobile maintenance industry, aviation industry, accommodation industry, nursing care, building cleaning, agriculture, fishing industry, food and beverage manufacturing industry, restaurant industry, elementary Specified in the shape materials industry, industrial machinery manufacturing industry, and electrical and electronic information industry, the specified skills No. 2 can be accompanied by a family without a time limit, but is limited to the construction industry and the shipbuilding / marine industry. On the other hand, the skill training amounts to 150 jobs in 82 occupations.
Also, in the skill training system, there is no concept of "change of job" because the purpose of residence is not "working" but "practice". "Transfer" is possible only in the case of bankruptcy of the company to which you belong or the transition from the skill training No. 2 to No. 3. On the other hand, since "specified skills" is a employment qualification, it is possible to change jobs if it is the same occupation, and in "specified skills No. 2", a family member in the home country can be called to Japan with the "family stay" qualification.
And, in the case of the skill training, there are many related parties such as "supervisory organization", "Organization for Technical Intern Training", and "sending organization" between the company and the trainee, and in the case of the specified skilled, in principle, the company and the candidate only.
In addition, in the case of the "skill training", the purpose is "skill transfer", so there is a limit on the number of people that can be accepted so that appropriate guidance can be provided. On the other hand, in the case of the "specified skills", there is no limit on the number of people that can be accepted because the purpose is "to make up for labor shortages" (note that there may be restrictions depending on the type of industry, such as the construction industry).
Lastly, the difference between a registration support organization and a supervising organization is that a registration support organization is a corporation that can act for the support work that occurs when hiring a person with "specified skills" qualifications. A supervising organization is an organization that is obliged to supervise a company that accepts trainees, aod it is carried by a public interest incorporated foundation or an organization such as the Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Commerce.
The purpose of the work of the registration support organization is "support" for foreign nationals who work with the "specified skills", and regular quarterly interviews and reporting work to the government occur. But, there is no obligation to provide supervision and guidance. On the other hand, the purpose of the work of the supervising organization is to "supervise the company" so that the training is properly conducted at each company that accepts technical intern trainees. therefore, the supervising organization audits the training implementation organization at least once every three months and guides the organization as necessary. The supervising organization is operated by a non-profit corporation, a cooperative, and private organizations and sole proprietors are not authorized.
However, if the registration support organization meets the conditions, private organizations and sole proprietors can enter the market. Therefore, registration support agencies may be more mixture of wheat and chaff than supervising organizations. You need to be careful.



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No.162 "About the involvement of the tourism industry with regional development 2021" June issue

松阪のローズガーデン The rose garden of Matsusaka 

【日本の感染者と重傷者と死亡者数の推移(日毎) 5月31日現在】Number of infected and seriously injured and fatalities in Japan (per day), As of May 31

Note the number of digits on the vertical axis

感染者数 Number of infected people in Japan

重傷者数 Number of seriously injured in Japan

死亡者数 Number of fatalities in Japan

【5月31日現在のPCR検査件数】PCR tests status as of May 31

PCR検査件数の内訳 - 厚労省のHPから Breakdown of the number of PCR tests - From the MHLW‘s website 

PCR tested in Osaka As of May 31 

PCR tested in Tokyo As of May 31 
桁数を見れば、東京の検査人数が大阪よりも明らかに少ない事が分かる Looking at the number of digits, we can see that Tokyo clearly has fewer tests than Osaka. 

【GW(5/1~5/5) における利用実績 (2019年比)】Usage record during the Golden Week holidays (May 1 to May 5) (compared to 2019)


The Japan Tourism Agency has announced the usage record from May 1st to 5th. The target is the GoTo Travel participating businesses, and this is to investigate the impact of the suspension of the GoTo Travel on accommodation and travel agencies. The survey was conducted on the Internet from May 7 to 11. The answers are from the GoTo Travel participating accommodations 4963 and travel agencies 3103.


【イアン・フレミングの小説に登場する三重県】Mie Prefecture in Ian Fleming's novel

詳しくはコチラ Click here for details

フェリーを追い越す水中翼船 Hydrofoil overtaking the ferry 

真珠島の御木本幸吉像 Statue of Kokichi Mikimoto on Pearl Island 

TV番組"七人の刑事" TV show "Seven Detectives" 

外宮前の修学旅行生 School trip student in front of Geku shrine 

海に囲まれた城 The castle surrounded by the sea 

松阪牛 Matsusaka beef 

忍者の城 Castle of ninja  

松尾芭蕉 Matsuo Basho 

来日したイアン・フレミング Ian Fleming who came to Japan 

【ウイルスのキメラ化】Chimerization of virus

 6月7日の新華社によると、 広東省広州市にある南沙、増城、従化、花都の4つの区では、区内住民全員の新型コロナウイルス核酸検査を実施する。広州市は約1867万人の常住人口を擁する巨大都市で、これまでの実施地域を合わせると、世界の都市の中でも最大規模の核酸検査となる。

According to Xinhua on June 7, the novel coronavirus nucleic acid tests will be conducted in all four districts of Nansha, Zengcheng, Conghua, and Huadu in Guangzhou, Guangdong. Guangzhou is a megacity with a resident population of about 18.67 million, and combined with the areas where it has been conducted so far, it will be the largest nucleic acid test in the world's cities.
According to the National Health Commission of China, the cumulative number of infected people in mainland China as of midnight on June 6 was 91,248. The number of discharged persons is 86,220. The death toll was 4,636. A total of 1,029,442 people have been identified, and the current follow-up is 8,303. In addition, a total of 22,858 cases have been confirmed to be infected from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The breakdown is 11,851 in Hong Kong SAR (11,584 discharged, 210 dead), 51 in Macau SAR (50 discharged), and 19,56 in Taiwan (1,133 discharged, 224 dead).
China has put into practical use the only inactivated vaccine in the world that attenuated the novel coronavirus, and inoculated it to its own people quickly. According to the Daily Mail and others on June 7, The Australian reported that scientists belonging to the PLA filed a patent document for the novel coronavirus vaccine on behalf of the military on February 24 last year. this is something you can't do without knowing the details of COVID 19. But, it seems like that the attack on Mongoloid by the variant was unexpected. This fact is important for non-white nations, including Japan. Factor X" also may no longer work.
Vaccines from China are used in more than 90 countries, but according to the New York Times on the 23rd, reinfection of the novel coronavirus continues in Mongolia, Chile, Bahrain and the Republic of Seychelles. the vaccination rate in the Republic of Seychelles is 68%, which is higher than 59% in Israel. Bahrain and Mongolia are 52%, and Chile is over 49%. The preventive effect of China National Pharmaceutical is 78.1%, and that of Sinovac Biotech is 51%, but it seems to be less effective against the variant.
Currently, there are three types of vaccines approved in China. a single dose of adenovirus vector vaccine, a double dose of inactivated vaccine, and a triple dose of recombinant protein vaccine. The State Council of the People's Republic of China Joint Prevention and Suppression Mechanism Scientific Research Difficulty Strategy Group Vaccine Research and Development Special Team is said to expand the vaccination target to three years old. The world should keep an eye on cases in China.

【2021年4月の国際収支】Balance of Payments for April 2021


On June 8, the Ministry of Finance announced the balance of payments for April. The current account balance is a surplus of 1,328.1 billion JPY.
The trade balance is a surplus of 289.5 billion JPY, and the travel balance is also a surplus of 16 billion JPY. According to the JTA, April‘s inbound was 10,900 (preliminary) and outbound was 35,900 (preliminary). credit 41.2 billion JPY and david 25.1 billion JPY. therefore, the unit price per person is 3,779,817 JPY for inbound and 699,164 JPY for outbound.
The air passengers is 0. the sea passengers is deficit of 200 million JPY. the other services have a deficit of 970.1 billion JPY. the overall of the service balance, which is a weak point of Japan, is a deficit of 954.8 million JPY, but the main media in Japan never reports.

【パブリックドメイン】6/10三重ふるさと新聞版 Public domain, the newspaper edition June 10

【6月10日現在の感染確認数】Number of confirmed infections as of June 10


The number of infected people confirmed in 47 prefectures was 770,661, the number of deaths was 13,939, and the mortality rate increased to 1.79%. The world average also increased to 2.23% by rapid increased of the variants.

【国・地域別の100人あたり接種回数(6月10日更新)】Number of inoculations per 100 people by country or region (Updated June 10)

人口100人あたりの累計接種回数 Cumulative number of inoculations per 100 population 

It is said that the number of cases of heart inflammation after the second vaccination is higher than expected in the 16-24 year old group. This phenomenon is common to both Pfizer and Moderna. As of May 31, there were 275 cases of cardiac inflammation in this age group submitted to the CDC.
A serious case of vaccine side effects is blood clots. This is common in women, but the inflammation of the heart is conversely biased towards men. Symptoms often appear about 4-5 days after vaccination, and symptoms often last 3-4 days.

【コーンウォール サミット】Cornwall Summit




On June 13, the three-day 47th G7 summit in Cornwall closed. here is a tourist destination known for the Lacock Temple and the Museum of Witchcraft where Harry Potter was filmed, and there is also the legendary King Arthur's Tintagel Castle. In addition, there is a "Minescape of Cornwall and West Devon" as a World Heritage Site too. It is a peninsula like Ise-Shima where the 42nd G7 summit was held. however, such information does not exist in the news. the same applies to the 2016 Ise-Shima. It is a lie that the G7 Summit will trigger it to become world-famous. Because the focus of the news is the content of the discussion absolutely.
According to the BBC, the main contents of the Leaders' Declaration are:

・improve early warning systems to prepare for future health crises
・phase out coal-fired power stations without carbon capture technology and raise $100bn (£70bn) to help poorer countries cut emissions
・support a green revolution that creates jobs, cuts emissions and seeks to limit the rise in global temperatures to 1.5 degrees
・reinvigorate their economies "with plans that create jobs, invest in infrastructure, drive innovation, support people, and level up so that no place or person, irrespective of age, ethnicity or gender is left behind"
・"build back better" by establishing a clean, green growth fund for infrastructure developments in developing countries
・respond to China's impact on world trade and challenge practices which "undermine the fair and transparent operation of the global economy"
・call on China to respect human rights, especially in relation to Xinjiang, where it has been accused of abuses against Uyghur Muslims
・get 40 million more girls into education by 2026

This time, G7 leaders also mentioned China's human rights abuses, and this issue was violently discussed in private consultations. President Biden put the competition between democracies and tyrannical states as a central theme and called for leaders of other democracies to criticize tyrannical states more clearly. some leaders resisted the idea of seeing China as an existential threat, but the joint statement expressed "concerns" about forced labor by the state, especially in agriculture, solar and clothing.
In addition, Japanese Prime Minister held a 10-minute meeting with President Biden at the G7 Summit. When Prime Minister Suga showed his determination to host the Tokyo Olympics this summer, President Biden stated that he "supported the Prime Minister." But, according to foreign media such as The Independent reported that, "President Biden emphasized the need to impose public health measures to ensure the safety of those involved in the meeting with Prime Minister Suga." Major Japanese media do not mention this conditions.
By the way, according to CNN on the 14th, the U.S. government received a leaking of radioactive material report from a French company that partially owns and operates the Taishan nuclear power plant in Guangdong, China, as well as a warning of "imminent radiation threat". and they are proceeding with the evaluation from the past week. in immediately after the G7 summit.
According to a letter sent to the US Department of Energy by French nuclear power company Framatome, the warning also includes reports that Chinese safety regulators are raising the limits of radioactivity detection outside the nuclear power plant. Framatome is responsible for the design and provision of nuclear equipment and services, and has contracts to support the construction and operation of joint venture power plants in China and France. In the case of a serious event, they are in a position to take responsibility. However, the Chinese side does not disclose the details, saying that there is no problem. That is why, France relied on the United States. According to Le Figaro, contamination of primary circuits of the unit No.1, at the end of May was on the order of twice the threshold in France that ordered reactors to shut down within 48 hours (150 gigabecrel per ton). Above 1000 gigabecquerel per ton, French reactors need an emergency shutdown. On the 15th after the summit, Taiwan's Taipei (CNN) Ministry of Defense announced that 28 Chinese military aircraft had entered the ADIZ set by Taiwan. it is the largest scale since last year. Is it an aerosol collections?
And on the 16th, the Chinese Ministry of Ecological Environment admitted for the first time that the concentration of radioactive substances in the coolant increased due to the damage to the fuel rods. Because it was pushed by international public opinion.
At the G7 Summit, the issue of coronavirus origin was also discussed informally. whatever its origin, there is no doubt that the cause of its worldwide spread is the hiding of information in China. because there is no doubt that the cause of the global spread is the hiding of information by China. This caused severe damage to international tourism, but some measures are required from the perspective of security when resuming it. At least the uncontrolled state before the Corona disaster would be unacceptable. At least it will be infection control will be strengthened.
Incidentally, according to the Independent on June 16, in Cornwall, Covid cases increased tenfold in a week, from 32 to 342 because in the period just before the G7 Summit, additional 5,500 police officers, catering and hotel staff surged in the area. Also, according to British government statistics, 75,953 cases of Delta strain infection were confirmed in the United Kingdom between June 9th and 16th. last week there were 42,323 cases.

【6月20日現在の感染確認数】Number of confirmed infections as of June 20


The number of infected people confirmed in 47 prefectures was 785,914, the number of deaths was 14,437, and the mortality rate further increased to 1.84%. Apparently, it seems suppressing the number of infected people. The world average is 2.25%, and the difference is only 0.41%. Is it because want to hold the Olympics?
On February 1, 2016, WHO Secretary-General Chan declared a "public health emergency of international concern" regarding the Zika virus epidemic, but the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics were held from August 5th. however, those involved in the bribery attraction were arrested. See No.148 for details.

【6月20日現在のPCR検査件数】PCR tests status as of June 20

PCR検査件数の内訳 - 厚労省のHPから Breakdown of the number of PCR tests - From the MHLW‘s website 

【国・地域別の100人あたり接種回数(6月21日更新)】Number of inoculations per 100 people by country or region (Updated June 20)



In Japan, the declaration of a state of emergency was lifted in all prefectures except Okinawa from June 21, but the EU recommends lifting travel restrictions from 14 countries including Japan, and the tourism industry in each country the move to resume has begun. It seems in the middle of the two types UNWTO tourism recovery forecast patterns recorded in No.160.
According to CNN on June 21, Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa has already reopened to the public in May. Greece also resumed operations at stores such as cafes and restaurants in May, and all foreign tourists can now enter the country without any quarantine measures.
In addition, Venice resumed accepting cruise ships on June 3. Capri declared "Corona Free". Cyprus has resumed accepting tourists who have been vaccinated in 65 countries. The Netherlands has also resumed accepting tourists from "countries with low risk of the new coronavirus" and also Denmark has resumed accepting tourists from the United States and the United Kingdom, which have finished vaccination with the novel coronavirus vaccine. from June 7, Spain resumed accepting tourists who had completed vaccination, and France also resumed accepting tourists from abroad from June 9.
The move to resume tourism is the same in the United States. the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington had already reopened to the public in May, and San Francisco's famous cable car is scheduled to resume operation in August, and Broadway has begun selling tickets for the reopening in September.
On the other hand, Japan is at the mercy of the Olympics.

【カラーで甦る松阪絵葉書】The Matsusaka postcards has been revived in color

【6月30日現在のPCR検査件数】PCR tests status as of June 30


The number of infected people confirmed in 47 prefectures was 800,513, the number of deaths was 14,797, and the mortality rate was maintained at 1.84%. But, the global average also remains at 2.25%, and the difference is still 0.41%.

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