No.152 “About the involvement of the tourism industry with regional development 2020“ August issue

【日本のPCR検査人数 7月31日現在】Number of people PCR tested in Japan, As of July 31


Recently, it is like a special issue on Wuhan virus. however, I think that the tourism industry cannot promote the region unless we understand and overcome this disaster. this is relieved informations of the coronavirus

【光明】A hope

 日本政府は、英国のアストラゼネカとの供給契約も最終調整中で、来年前半までに1億2千万人分のワクチン確保を目指す。日本の総人口にはまだ427万人分ほど足りないが、既に陽性の人は免疫抗体を獲得している可能性があり、現在そのような人々は増加の一途にある (抗体ではなく自然免疫によって処理される可能性もある→ファクターX参照)。
 ロイターによると、接種は一人あたり二回の可能性が高く、インフルエンザなみの約40ドル(二回分 4200円)になる見込みだ。

According to TBS on the evening of July 31, the Japanese government has reached a basic agreement with a major US pharmaceutical company to supply 60 million people to Japan with the Wuhan virus vaccine.
It is Pfizer that the Japanese government has reached an agreement. According to the people concerned, if the vaccine is completed and approved by March next year, for 42.7 million people will be supplied to Japan by the end of June 2021. In order to make it in time for the Tokyo Olympics.
The Japanese government is in the final stages of a supply contract also with AstraZeneca in the UK, aiming to secure 120 million vaccines by the first half of next year. there are not enough about 6 million people still to total population of Japan. However, those who are already positive should have acquired immune antibodies, and such people are currently on the rise (There is also a theory that it is processed by innate immunity rather than antibodies).
According to Reuters, there is a high possibility that two doses will be given to each person, which is expected to be around 40 USD (two doses) similar to influenza.

補足: 8月7日、日本の厚生労働大臣は、アストラゼネカが開発中の新型コロナウイルスのワクチンについて、1億2千万回分の供給を受けることで基本合意したと発表。供給は2021年の初めから始まり、3000万回分の確保を3月までに目指すという。

Supplement: On August 7, the Japanese Minister of Health Labour and Welfare announced that AstraZeneca had reached a basic agreement to receive 120 million doses of the Wuhan virus vaccine under development. The supply will begin in early 2021 and will secure 30 million doses by March.

【日本の感染者と重傷者と死亡者数の推移(日毎) 7月31日現在】Number of infected and seriously injured and fatalities in Japan (per day), As of July 31

Note the number of digits on the vertical axis

感染者数 Number of infected people in Japan

重傷者数 Number of seriously injured in Japan

死亡者数 Number of fatalities in Japan

【EUの新型コロナウイルスワクチン】EU‘s Wuhan virus vaccine


According to NHK on August 1, the European Commission has agreed that the EU will receive supply 300 million doses on behalf of 27 Member States if France's sanofi successfully develops a vaccine. This allows EU member states to purchase vaccines as needed.
In addition, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy have formed a group to work together to secure vaccines and have agreed with AstraZeneca in the UK to supply up to 400 million doses of vaccine at prime cost to EU countries.

【ロシアの新型コロナウイルスワクチン】Российская коронавирусная вакцина


Polio, which had spread all over the country, became a pandemic with more than 5,000 patients, mainly in Hokkaido in 1960. it was the Soviet-made "live polio" vaccine that was urgently imported in 1961 and administered all at once. Russia seems to be good at this field.
According to Sputnik news on August 2, clinical trials of the Wuhan virus vaccine developed by the National Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology of Gamalaya have been completed. vaccine registration documents are currently being prepared, and after the registration is received, mass vaccination of Russian citizens will start. the scheduled is from October, it the earliest in the world. Russians are for free, and the subjects are said to be doctors and teachers first.

【ホテル・旅館経営業者の倒産】Bankruptcy of hotel/ryokan operator or management companies


According to the kanko Keizai Shimbun on August 3, there were 73 bankruptcies of hotel/ryokan operator or management companies in the first half of this year, 41 more than in the same period last year. Especially since April when the Wuhan virus has spread, it has recorded double digits every month. Total debt increased 277.5% to 53,680 million JPY, almost a four-fold increase.

【8月3日現在の感染確認数】Number of confirmed infections as of August 3


The number of infected in 47 prefectures is 40,924 people, and the dead is 1,030. the mortality rate of confirmed infections including asymptomatic symptoms, dropped to 2.51%. the global average mortality rate on this day was 3.81%.

【WHOは分からない事は"No"とみなす】WHO will consider "No" if it don't know

However, there is a strong argument in Osaka, Japan, and currently undergoing clinical trials. WHO, fails to declare a pandemic before the outbreak spreads, cannot be trusted.
On August 4, Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, and Osaka Prefectural Hospital Organization Habikino Medical Center published the research results that the virus was reduced when a coronavirus-infected person was requested to gargle with a povidone iodine solution having a virucidal effect. Osaka Prefecture, etc., will start full-scale research aiming at 2,000 subjects, as it may lead to the prevention of aggravation such as pneumonia.
According to the director of the Next-generation Drug Discovery Center of the medical center, this study was conducted on 41 patients with mild or asymptomatic who are receiving medical treatment in Osaka prefecture. The positive rate of saliva PCR test for saliva in those who gargling with povidone-iodine four times a day was 56.0% on the first day and decreased to 9.5% on the fourth day. who did not gargling was 68.8%, and 40.0%.
The Governor of Osaka Prefecture said that the effect cannot be said to be effective under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law because the Japanese government has not acknowledged the effect. But "There are gargling containing povidone-iodine on the market so I would like to encourage gargling".
By the way, the authoritarians who suffered pride damage is Skeptical. If it, state the difference in meaning between disinfecting your fingers with alcohol and disinfecting your throat with povidone iodine.

【新型コロナウイルスによる入院患者の死亡率】Mortality of inpatient care patients due to Wuhan virus


On August 6, the Japan‘s National Center for International Medical Research released an interim report showing that the mortality rate for mortality of inpatient care patients due to Wuhan virus is 7.5%. This is the result of analysis of data for a total of about 2,600 people who were admitted to about 230 medical institutions nationwide by early July (recuperate in home or hotel are not included).
The rate of mortality overseas has been reported to be 20% to 30%, and Japan is said to be low compared to those.

【ファクトメモ】Fact memorandum

・Japan's first confirmed Wuhan virus infection was a man in his 30s in Kanagawa prefecture who returned from Wuhan China, it was January 16.

・The Chinese New Year holidays this year were from January 24 to 30, but the lockdown by CCP from January 23 was Wuhan only, and also the ban of group travel to overseas, it was from January 27.

・WHO declared a "public health emergency of international concern" on January 30, the last day of the Spring Festival, and it was March 11 when declared a pandemic.

・According to JNTO, Chinese inbound arrivals in January increased by 22.6% year-on-year to 924,790.

・The first person to die of Wuhan virus in Japan was a woman in her 80s in Kanagawa prefecture who had no history of travel, and it happened on February 15.
According to the NHK‘s graph, it is from this time that infected people have become apparent.

Given these facts, it cannot be denied that China's inbound may have contributed to the spread of infection in Japan, when Chinese New Year. We should seek apologies and damages.

【8月8日現在の感染確認数】Number of confirmed infections as of August 8


The number of infected people confirmed in the 47 prefectures was 48,168 people, and the death toll was 1,055. At this pace, the number of people confirmed by influenza in 2018 will not exceed. Also mortality rate of confirmed infected patients dropped to 2.19%. It will soon fall to the 1% level.

【2020年6月の国際収支】June's Balance of payments 2020


On August 11, the Japanese Ministry of Finance announced the June‘s balance of payments. the current account balance is surplus of 167.5 billion JPY. every June is a big drop, but this pattern is the same even corona‘s influence and it will rise next month.
Trade balance is deficit of 77.3 billion JPY. travel balance was a surplus of 21.9 billion JPY. Inbound in June is 2,600 people and the credit is 43.6 billion JPY. Outbound in June is 10,700 people and the debit is 21.7 billion JPY. the unit price per person is inbound 16,769,230 JPY, and outbound 2,028,037 JPY. Inbound receipts have been very expensive in recent months, but is this a pre-payment for the Olympics to the travel industry? (See previous issue for this basis)
Air passenger is surplus of 1.9 billion JPY. this is the result of outbound exceeding inbound. sea passenger is deficit of 200 million JPY.
Incidentally, other services is deficit of 139.4 billion JPY. total of the service balances is deficit of 157.7 billion JPY.

〖令和二年上半期〗First half of 2020

【旅行業界はローリスク、観光業界はハイリスク】Travel industry is low risk, tourism industry is high risk


On August 6-7, the Japan Tourism Agency sent each local transport office etc. to a total of 54 hotels and ryokans in 24 prefectures to have them inspect "GoTo Travel" infection prevention measures. Some of the guidance was given to 12 of 54 facilities.
Regarding the second inspect plan to conduct a survey centering on small and medium-sized accommodation facilities in late August.
I feel a strong resentment at this. in contrast to the tourism industry, which is constantly exposed to risks between regional promotion and infection concerns, the travel industry, which is the fee-based business with the least infection risk, is safe. Japanese medias don't says, in the first place, "Go To Travel" was for the travel industry, not the tourism industry. At the beginning of the project, direct reservations for hotels or ryokans were not allowed, but only via travel agencies. however, The Youth Club of All Japan Ryokan Hotel Association overturned it. Is this investigation a revenge?
Currently, the number of hotels or ryokans that participate in "GoTo Travel" is only about 40% of the whole, 16,000.

【8月13日現在の感染確認数】Number of confirmed infections as of August 13


The number of confirmed infections in 47 prefectures is 53,135, and death toll is 1,083. the mortality rate became 2.04%. It has dropped to the 1% level from the weekend. The Japanese medias should report such facts too, not only the number of confirmed infections causing fear and suspicion.

【中国資本による買収】Acquisition by Chinese capital

 大阪市南港咲洲メガソーラー発電所の定格出力は 2.4MW(メガワット)。日本伸和工業との共同投資プロジェクトで、 2014年5月16日に稼動。兵庫三田プロジェクトの定格出力は5.05MW。ロケーションは沢谷字南山にある山林野原で、2016年2月8日に稼動だ。

According to the president on August 17, recently, Chinese people are continuing to buy good shops in Kabukicho.
According to NHK on May 11, Prime Minister Abe said in an intensive deliberation by the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives to prevent Japanese companies and land from being acquired by foreign capital etc. due to the weakening of the economy. and stated that he would strategically take measures from the perspective of National Security of the Economic. Because if the Japanese economy deteriorates due to the Wuhan virus, companies and land may be undervalued and China and others may acquire it, so it is necessary to take defensive measures.
In South Korea, Singapore, Australia, etc., land purchases by foreigners are severely restricted already. in the United States, under the Comprehensive Trade Act, the President has the power to void land transactions even after the fact, if he determines that they threaten the security of the country.
Prime Minister Abe said, “We must take a bird's-eye view of Japan's economic structure from the perspective of security, address its vulnerabilities, and strategically tackle strengthening. While further promoting inward direct investment, From the perspective of appropriately responding to investments that may jeopardize safety, we would like to keep a firm eye on investment, such as by properly operating the Foreign Exchange Act revised last year." 
The real estate that China is aiming for is water sources, forests, golf courses, tourist facilities, mega solar power plants, and Hokkaido is the most prominent now.
In 2010, Yamada Onsen Hotel in Niseko was acquired by Chinese capital for 700 million JPY. and In 2015, Hoshino Resort Tomamu, a comprehensive resort facility of 1,000 hectares in Shimukappu-mura, was acquired by the Chinese commercial facility management company, Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mall, for about 18.3 billion JPY. Shanghai Yuyuan's major shareholder is the Investment Company of Shanghai China, "Fosun Group". The Tomamu area is not designated as a water resource conservation area, and the water source in the resort facility was also acquired.
Prior to the acquisition of Tomamu, this Fosun Group also acquired "Club Med", a French resort facility management company that owns accommodation at the neighboring resort "Sahoro Resort Area" (Shintoku-cho). Sahoro Resort is also actually under the control of Chinese capital.
By the way, As I wrote in No.95-96 in 2015, Hoshino Resorts established an investment fund worth 2 billion JPY in the same year as a 50/50 joint venture with the Development Bank of Japan, and operates Tomamu etc..
The Development Bank of Japan is a special company of the Ministry of Finance jurisdiction, a policy-based financial institution of Japan. it was founded on the basis of the Development Bank of Japan Inc. Law, in 2008. This is a reins so to speak. However, it is said that it will be only a matter of time before the place becomes a Chinatown if the majority of residents and visitors become Chinese due to the progress of Chineseization.
For buying and selling land, Mega solar is also a concern.
Shanghai Electric Power Japan Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. established in Japan. It invests, develops, constructs, operates, maintains, manages, and supplies electricity to solar power generation, solar heat , wind power, and hydropower generation businesses, and they are developing a business related to sales. As a basic stance, they will promote business in collaboration with Japanese companies and place importance on coexistence with people in the area. they are already constructing and operating mega solar facilities in Nanko Osaka, Sanda city Hyogo Prefecture, and Tsukuba. Acquired land is about 5 hectares in Osaka and 11 hectares in Hyogo.
The rated output of the Nanko Sakishima Mega Solar Power Plant in Osaka City is 2.4 MW. This is a joint investment project with Nippon Shinwa Industry Co., Ltd., which started operation on May 16, 2014. The rated output of the Hyogo Sanda project is 5.05 MW. The location is a forest field located in Nanzan, Sawaya, and it was in operation on February 8, 2016.
And, the SJ Solar Tsukuba Power Station has a rated output of 35 MW and started operation on April 1, 2017. The investment amount of this power plant, which has approximately 30,000 solar panels installed, is over 13 billion JPY. A sales contract was signed with TEPCO in April 2015, and the selling price is 36 yen/kWh at the time of application in FY 2013. The annual sales amount is expected to be about 1 billion JPY. In addition, as the largest solar sharing business in Japan, solar panels are installed on farmland, and local agricultural production corporations are simultaneously cultivating crops. About 50 hectares of land are leased from nearly 200 landowners for 20 years, and the rent is about 100,000 JPY per 1000 square meters per year. It is said that SJ has a burden of more than 90% and agricultural production corporations have a burden of less than 10%.
However, photovoltaic power generation has poor power generation efficiency and the purchase price has been declining year by year, and the profits of businesses are decreasing. Japanese companies are starting to hesitate to enter. The Nasu Karasuyama Project, which is the fourth business in Japan, is also at a standstill.
Even so, it is said that the reason why Chinese companies aren't frightened is the purpose by CCP for land acquisition in the name of solar power generation. It is said that Shanghai Electric Power may ask the landowners to buy the land after the 20-year lease contract expires.
We also hope that the Japanese government will carefully monitor the resale of land including mega solar. Especially, the Pacific coast where Chinese submarines navigate underwater is very important in the US-Japan alliance strategy. There are also cable-type ocean bottom seismometers.
I think it, the mega solar under construction in Shima City also needs to be monitored because it is handled by a reseller.

DONET cable type ocean bottom seismometer

【8月18日現在の感染確認数】Number of confirmed infections as of August 18


The number of confirmed infections in 47 prefectures is 58,169, and death toll is 1,133. the mortality rate became 1.95%. If anything, heatstroke is at high risk of death than corona.(1581 deaths in 2019)

Deaths by heat stroke in Japan 2019-1995

【Go To トラベルの真の動機】The true motive of Go To Travel

 ところでこの日(18日)、国会内で開かれた野党会合で観光庁は、陽性者がホテルや旅館を利用していたケースが17日の時点で6件あったと報告した。これは「Go To トラベル」が始まった7月22日以降の申告件数を集計したもので、観光庁の担当者は「宿泊施設等に起因して感染者やクラスターが発生しているとの報告は受けていない」としている。
 観光庁発表の日本の「主要旅行業者の総取扱額」によると、今年1月から6月までの取扱額は、海外旅行(アウトバウンド)が2311億0194万1000円、外国人旅行(インバウンド)が270億9386万7000円、国内旅行が4808億5548万1000円で、合計が7390億5128万9000円となった。計算してみると、これは前年同期の合計2兆2335億0896万5000円の実に33%程度に過ぎない。どうやらこれが「Go To トラベル」の真の動機のようである。850億とも言われる五輪の前受金を抱えたままで左前では非常に困るのだ。

By the way on this day, at a meeting of opposition parties in the Diet, the JTA reported that there were six cases of the virus-positive users using hotels or ryokans as of August 17. This is a summary of the number of declarations since the "Go To campaign" began on July 22. The JTA representative said that "We have not received any reports of infected people or clusters due to accommodation facilities, etc."
I think glad that days when it was full-booking wasn't became holiday by disinfection, in Mie prefecture. But, it is a fact that it was dangerous. This suspense may not be understandable to summer vacation JTA and travel agencies.
According to the Japan's "total amount handled by major travel agents" announced by JTA, the amount handled from January to June this year is 231,101,941,000 JPY for overseas travel (outbound), 27,093,867,000 JPY for foreigner travel (inbound), and 480,855,481,000 JPY for domestic travel. a total became 739,051,289,000 JPY. this is only about 33% of the total of 2,233,508,965,000 JPY in the same period of the previous year. Apparently this is seems the true motive of "Go To Travel". Because it will become a big problem if the Olympic prepaid, which is said to be 85 billion JPY runs out of paper by bankruptcy.

 観光庁は8月21日、「Go Toトラベル」に登録したホテルや旅館10施設の宿泊客の中に、10人の感染者がいた事を明らかにした。期間は事業開始の7月22日から8月20日で、旅行同伴者や施設従業員への感染は確認されてはいない。が、感染者が宿泊した施設は消毒や営業自粛の措置を取ったとされる。
 8月20日時点で「Go To トラベル」には、5984社の旅行業者と、1万6703社のホテルや旅館が登録。本登録の締切は8月21日だったが、この方針は今後も随時受け付ける事へと変更になった。戦果が出るまで投入するつもりである。

On August 21, the JTA reported that among the guests of hotels or ryokans registered by Wuhan virus infected person in "Go To Travel," there were 10 people at 10 facilities so far. the period is from July 22 to August 20 of the project started. infections with travel companions and hotel employees have not been confirmed. It is said that the facility where the infected persons stayed took measures such as disinfection or self-restraint of business.
JTA Secretary Gamo says at a regular press conference, "We will seek thorough measures to both business operators and tourists so that tourism facilities do not become a factor for expansion."
As of August 20, "Go To Travel" is registered by 5984 travel companies, and 16,703 hotels and ryokans. The deadline for this registration was August 21. But this policy has been changed to accept it from time to time. They intend to throw in until the outcome of the battle comes out.

 官房長官は8月24日の記者会見で、ホテルや旅館10施設の宿泊客中10人の感染者のうち、「Go To トラベル」利用者は1人だったとし、少なくとも200万人の利用者があったと述べた。
 ところがだ、その翌日の25日に千葉日報が、勝浦市内の「Go To トラベル」対象施設だっ旅館で、同日までに従業員7人のクラスターが発生していた事を報じた。

At a press conference on August 24, the Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga reported, "Go To Travel" user among the 10 infected guests of 10 hotels and ryokans was one. and said there were at least two million users.
However, On that following day, the 25th, Chiba Nippo reported that 7 employees had cluster infections by the same day at a ryokan that was the target facility for "Go To Travel" in Katsuura City.
Infected were kitchen, catering, and clerical staff of four male employees in their 30s and 60s living, and three female employees two teens and one 50s. All 27 employees have been tested, but two men in their 30s and 50s are reported to have pneumonia.
According to Chiba Prefecture, symptoms started to appear at this ryokan on the 16th, and it will be closed from the 22nd to the end of September. There are a total of around 360 guests from August 14 to 21 inside and outside the prefecture, and the health center in each place of residence will confirm the health status.
On this day, Minister of Land Infrastructure Transport and Tourism said that a total of 4.2 million people were used between the 27th of last month when the travel agency started selling travel products at the discounted price and the 20th of this month. travel agencies are risk free.

 なお、多くの全国主要観光地のお盆(8月15日)の人出は前年を下回った。伊勢神宮周辺も32.5%のマイナスだ。これが「Go To トラベル」の結果である。

Incidentally, the number of tourists on August 15 at many major tourist destinations fell below the previous year's level. also in the Ise Jingu area was -32.5%. This is the result of "Go to Travel".

【8月23日現在の感染確認数】Number of confirmed infections as of August 23


The number of infected people confirmed in 47 prefectures is 63,498 people. the number of deaths is 1,203. the mortality dropped to 1.89%. On the same day, the number of infected people in the world is 23,203,532. the number of deaths is 804,416. the mortality is 3.46%.

【夏の志摩市と鳥羽市】Shima City and Toba City in Summer


On August 25, Shima City and Toba City in Mie Prefecture announced the number of visitors to the city sightseeing/ryokans and hotels during the summer.
In Shima City, the total number of visitors to the six major tourist attractions in the city during the 9 days from August 8 to 16 was 13,876 (down 35.8% year-on-year). The total number of guests at eight accommodations that can accommodate more than 100 people per night was 12,090 (down 42.0%).
In Toba City, the total number of visitors to the nine major tourist attractions in the city during the 9 days from August 10 to 18 was 61,124 (down 36.8% year-on-year). Of the 148 ryokans and hotels in the city, the total number of guests at 37 that responded was 51,037 (down 29.2% year-on-year). It concludes that there were many private car users, because it number of passengers getting off at major public transportation was 11,910 (down 64.3%).

【三重県の観光予算】Mie Prefecture‘s Tourism Budget

【奈良県の観光予算】Nara Prefecture‘s Tourism Budget

【5類相当】Category Ⅴ equivalent


There is an idea within the Japanese government to allow the status of the Wuhan virus under the Infectious Diseases Law to be reduced from Category Ⅱ to Category Ⅴ corresponding to influenza, but according to Kyodo News on August 26, the Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare said decided to consider a review.
At present, Wuhan virus is a “designated infectious disease”, and the risk is the second highest in five levels, “category II equivalent”, and can be admitted to the hospital with national funding. however, the burden on medical institutions is increasing as the number of infected people increases.
It is assumed that overwhelming majority of asymptomatic or mildly ill people will be treated at accommodation facilities or homes, and hospitalization will be limited to the elderly or those with a high risk of seriousness. The timing of the reduction is undecided. There is also possibility that the WHO does not want to admit it.

【武漢入りしなかったWHO調査チーム】WHO research team who did not enter Wuhan


According to the Financial Times on August 27, the two WHO-dispatched starters of experts arrived in Beijing, China on July 10 and stayed there for three weeks, but not around Wuhan. "The chances of finding a smoking gun are gone," said a senior US official.
The focus of the investigation of the advance team, which consisted of animal health experts and epidemiology, was "to confirm how the Wuhan virus transmitted from animals to humans and what species were involved." however, the WHO said "the investigation team had a remote dialogue with Wuhan virus experts" and indirectly acknowledged the fact that they had not been to Wuhan. and WHO avoided mentioning if they had intended to visit Wuhan from the beginning. 
This survey was conducted by WHO member states, who were strongly pressed by international pressure, to investigate the origin of wuhan virus at the WHO General Assembly in May. But, the Chinese government had not even reported in the media the whoho investigation team's arrival in Beijing. (Japanese media too)
A member of The Australian House of Commons said that "It is only natural that the international community has serious concerns about the strictness and independence of the WHO's initial response to the Corona issue. such WHO actions is it seems to be trying not to offend China". and, for the team's failure to visit Wuhan, "It's going to be another incident that makes the WHO responsible for public health around the world distrustful. It is an act that prioritizes the political considerations of member states over the interests of the world's public health. and we bear tremendous costs for it" said.

【8月28日現在の感染確認数】Number of confirmed infections as of August 28


The number of infected people confirmed in 47 prefectures is 66,815 people. the number of deaths is 1,255. the mortality dropped to 1.88%. On this day, Prime Minister Abe announced his retirement, but it became clear that the mortality rate was in the 1% level, his intention to review the category, and that the hospital was not profitable too.

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