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【米国の戦略国際研究所(CSIS)作成の中国共産党による対日工作についての報告】 China’s Influence in Japan (pdf 2.2MB) 全53ページ英語のみ



There is real names such as the secretary general of the LDP or the president of the ANTA, the legislator who received the bribe to attract the casino. Also, the political party and the support group which the minister MLIT belongs too.

【日本の感染者と重傷者と死亡者数の推移(日毎) 8月31日現在】Number of infected and seriously injured and fatalities in Japan (per day), As of August 31

Note the number of digits on the vertical axis

感染者数 Number of infected people in Japan
重傷者数 Number of seriously injured in Japan
死亡者数 Number of fatalities in Japan

【9月2日現在の感染確認数】Number of confirmed infections as of September 2


The number of infected people confirmed in 47 prefectures is 70,455 people. the number of deaths is 1,340. the mortality is 1.9%.

【日本のPCR検査人数 9月2日現在】Number of people PCR tested in Japan, As of September 2

【清浄国ステータスの喪失】Loss of the Disease Free Status of Member Countries


It is not noticeable because it is only news about Wuhan virus, but since last year in Japan CSF is also a serious problem. This infectious disease of pigs and wild boars occurred in Japan in September 2018, and OIE has temporarily suspended Japan's Disease Free Status of Member Countries. The hold deadline is the 3rd of this month. As a result, Japan's Disease Free Status of Member Countries has been lost. In order to return, it is a condition that there is no CSF ​​outbreak for a year, and that pigs have not been vaccinated in general.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries sayd that CSF infection has not been confirmed since the outbreak in Okinawa this March, but it is currently difficult to prevent without a vaccine, and it will take a long time to restart. As a result, negotiations with the US and Europe, which had been in talks for pig export, will be stalled.


【日常生活におけるSARS-CoV-2感染予防に有用な製品の評価】Evaluation of useful products for preventing SARS-CoV-2 infection in daily life


This is the result of research by the Laboratory of Viral Infection Control 1 at Kitazato University Satoshi Omura Memorial Institute. It is valuable information that cannot be seen in news such as TV because there is a maker name.

【スプートニクⅤ】Sputnik V


According to the RBK Russian newspaper on September 4, the mayor of Moscow, two deputy mayors, and the officials of almost all the cities received the Wuhan virus vaccine "Sputnik V" approved on August 11.
Clinical trials were conducted at two Russian hospitals to 76 people between the ages of 18 and 60, according to a paper published in the British medical journal Lancet. Everyone, "No serious side effects occurred within 42 days of the test period, and antibody reaction was observed within 21 days".
This is already did tested of the second phase, and the final phase test will scheduled for September 5-7, with more than 40,000 people participating in it.
On the other hand, the "Chinese vaccine" was unveiled at an exhibition in Beijing on this day. In took place in the evening ceremony, after Xi Jinping video message, the message of Tedorosu Secretary-General of WHO was also screened, and appeal to China's advantage in the virus correspondence.

【9月7日現在の感染確認数】Number of confirmed infections as of September 7


The number of infected people confirmed in 47 prefectures is 72,316 people. the number of deaths is 1,375. The mortality rate remains 1.9%. If only recently, it is 0.9%.
By the way, a hotel located on the Kii Peninsula had 838 guests from Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Gunma, Tochigi, and Ibaraki prefectures from August 1 to 31. Of these, 161 were from Tokyo, including infants, but no one was infected and no staff was infected. I think broadcasters should honor these positive cases rather than raise concerns.

【IOCの焦燥】Impatience of IOC

 大会組織委員会の武藤事務総長は7月、観客数を絞って開催する可能性について言及、無観客での開催は避けたいとの意向を示していた。 また、開閉会式の「簡素化」や、参加国のスタッフや代表団の人数縮小の可能性もあるとし、新型ウイルスのワクチンは大会開催の必要条件ではないとの考えも述べている。保健衛生の専門家らは懐疑的だ。

According to the BBC on September 8, Vice Chairman Coates of IOC expressed its view that it will be held "with or without the Covid". He declared that the Tokyo Olympics will start on July 23 next year, and said that it would be the "Games that conquered Covid."
In other words, it is said that the IOC does not want to take a responsibility for the decision to cancel.
In the first place, the budget for Tokyo's successful bid for the Olympics in 2013 was 7.3 billion USD, but the Tokyo Organizing Committee has announced that it has spent 12.6 million so far. However, according to Professor Bent Flyvbjerg of Oxford University Said Business School, 15,840 million USD was actually spent, and it is said to have already exceeded the record high of the 2012 London Olympics of 14,950 million USD. In addition, due to the effect of the novel coronavirus, which was postponed for one year, it is estimated that it will cost more than 1 trillion JPY.
In July, Secretary-General Muto of the Olympic Organizing Committee mentioned the possibility of holding a limited number of spectators, and expressed his intention to avoid holding it with no audience. In addition, the opening and closing ceremony may be "simplified" and the number of staff and delegations in participating countries may be reduced. And, Mr. Muto also stated that the vaccine is not a necessary condition for the competition. However, health professionals are skeptical.
More than 11,000 athletes from about 200 countries will participate in the Tokyo Olympics. What judgment will their countries make?

【2020年7月の国際収支】July's Balance of payments 2020


On September 10, the Japanese Ministry of Finance announced the July‘s balance of payments. the current account balance is surplus of 1.4683 trillion JPY. It rises every July.
Trade balance is surplus of 137.3 billion JPY. travel balance was a surplus of 21.5 billion JPY. Inbound in July is 3,800 people and the credit is 43.8 billion JPY. Outbound in July is 20,300 people and the debit is 22.4 billion JPY. the unit price per person is inbound 11,526,316 JPY, and outbound 1,103,448 JPY. Inbound‘s receipts (income) are still unusually high. According to the "International Tourism Highlights 2019" published by UNWTO, Japan's international tourism arrivals in 2018 were 31,192,000, and tourist receipts were 41,115,000,000 USD. The annual average per person is 1318.1 USD, which is 144,991 JPY when converted to 110 JPY per USD. ("Tourism Highlights 2020" will be published in end of September)
Air passenger is surplus of 100 million JPY, because outbound exceeding inbound. Regardless of Corona, sea passenger remain in the deficit of 200 million JPY.
Also, other services is deficit of 284.4 billion JPY. total of the service balances is deficit of 349.5 billion JPY. this is a weak point of Japan.


【東京都民の"Go To トラベル"への参加】Participation in "Go To Travel" of Tokyo citizens

 9月11日の共同通信によると、西村経済再生担当大臣は、10月1日より「Go To トラベル」に東京都を追加する方針を表明。新型コロナウイルス感染症対策分科会後の記者会見で「9月下旬にかけての感染状況を見極めて最終的に判断したい」と述べた。いい事だ。

According to Kyodo News on September 11, Nishimura, Minister for Economic Revitalization, announced that he would add Tokyo to "Go To Travel" from October 1. At a press conference after the novel coronavirus infection control subcommittee, he said, "I would like to make a final decision by assessing the infection status until the end of September."
The targets are trips to destinations Tokyo and trips of citizens of Tokyo. Discounted accommodation and tour products to and from Tokyo are scheduled to go on sale from next week.
So this is already a decision and it is possible if the number of inspections reduced. the following is the number of the tested positive and the number of people PCR tested in Tokyo.

【9月12日現在の感染確認数】Number of confirmed infections as of September 12


The number of infected people confirmed in 47 prefectures is 76,035 people. the number of deaths is 1,454. the mortality is 1.93%.
According to ABC TV on September 11, it was found that more than 3,000 rooms have been notified of the abolition of "Special Zone Private Lodging" in Osaka City since February of this year.
From the end of October 2016, the city of Osaka started a "Special Zone Private Lodging" system based on the National Strategic Special Zones Law, and it was possible to rent out vacant rooms such as condominiums to travelers if the city approved it. But, the number of rooms, which had exceeded 11,000 at the end of January, decreased by 3059 between February and August. the spread of the Wuhan virus infection has dramatically reduced inbound, and many businesses seem to have suffered from financial difficulties.

【米国債の動き】Movement of government bond of the United State


China threatening does not work, because Japan and allies buy and support. (the red line is China, the blue line is Japan)

【新型コロナウィルスの起源】Origin of the novel coronavirus

 9月11日、中国出身のウイルス学者の閻麗夢博士が、英国の民放ITVのトークショー"Loose WOMEN"のビデオインタビューに出演、コビッド-19が武漢の実験室で作られたという科学的証拠を、中国疾病預防控制中心(CDC)と現地の医者から得たと暴露した。


 そして、閻麗夢博士は9月14日、開放型情報プラットフォーム Zenodo に、科学的根拠を盛り込んだ論文を発表した。
 この論文が遺伝子分析の結果に基づいて主張しているコアコンテンツはニつ、まず、コロナウイルスは天然に存在するウイルスとは一致しない生物学的特性を示すこと、 また、コウモリコロナウイルスに基づいて6ヶ月以内に人工的に生産できることである。閻博士はこの主張に対し、三つの科学的根拠を示した。

一、SARS-CoV-2 の遺伝子塩基配列が中国重慶市第三軍医大学の軍事研究所と中国南京市南京司令部の医学研究所で発見されたコウモリコロナウイルス(ZC45、ZXC211)と酷似している。

ニ、SARS-CoV-2 のスパイクタンパク質で人体細胞の受容体と結合する役割をする部位であるRBMが、2003年に流行したSARSウイルスと似ていた。また、このRBMが遺伝的に操作されたという証拠が遺伝子に現れた。スパイクタンパク質とはウイルス表面に突起状に飛び出してきたタンパク質で、コロナウイルスはこのスパイクタンパク質を通じて人体細胞の受容体と結合する。

三、SARS-CoV-2 のスパイクタンパク質にはフーリン分離部位というウイルス感染力を高める部位があるが、この部位は自然に現れる同じ系統のコロナウイルスでは全く見あたらない。この分離部位の特異な塩基配列は、この部位が単純に動物間での伝達や再調合を通じた自然な進化の結果ではないという事を示す。新型コロナウイルスに人為的に挿入された可能性が高い。


 ところが、この論文に疑問を呈するオーソリティーもいる。欧米メディアや公的機関さえもである。検証実験もせずにだ。確かに軍事上、あるいは外交上の危険性は大きい。検証にはBSL4 (バイオ・セーフティ・レベル4) の施設も必要だ。また、各国にはチャイナマネーをあてにしているステークホルダーも少なからずいる。しかし、これだけ世界に大きな損害を与えた事件である。とりわけ国際ツーリズムは壊滅的なダメージだ。次に備えるべく、世界の研究所は検証して然るべきではないか。そして、チャイナマネーは償いとして受け取ればいいのではないだろうか。


On September 11, Dr. Yan Li-Meng, a virologist from China, appeared in a video interview of the British ITV talk show "Loose WOMEN". She revealed that she had obtained scientific evidence that Covid 19 was made in Wuhan's laboratory, from the Chinese CDC and local doctors.
In a video interview he received somewhere, She said, "The big news that the Wuhan virus first occurred in the Wuhan market was a smoke screen'," and insisted that "the coronavirus did not occur naturally." and she suggested that the evidence foretelling the release was the same as a kind of genomic sequence, and "The genomic sequence is the same as a human finger fingerprint" said. and, based on this evidence, it can be confirmed that the virus was born in the Wuhan laboratory. She wants to talk about why the virus was born in a Chinese laboratory and why only they can make it. And, about this evidence, "Anyone can read and confirm this without any biological knowledge," Dr. added, and "I know I will regret not telling the truth to the world" said of the reason for this exposure.

Dr. Yan Li-Meng is from Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. Around 2013, he studied abroad at Hong Kong University and obtained a doctorate, and continued his research at the same university. and then, in December last year, I learned that Chinese authorities were hiding the outbreak of "SARS-like pneumonia," which is a "human-to-human infection." She started a confidential investigation with WHO experts on the 31st of the same month at the direction of her Hong Kong boss, who is also a WHO adviser. On the same day, a friend of the CDC informed me that "I have confirmed the infection of the whole family. there is a human-human infection'." when Dr. gave this information, boss was concerned, "Don't step on the Chinese Communist Party's red line," "Be careful, don't say it out," and "Both of them may be erased."
Dr. Yan Li-Meng escaped from Hong Kong in danger and went into exile in the United States at the end of April.

And, on September 14, Dr. Yan Li-Meng published a paper incorporating scientific evidence through the open information platform Zenodo.
The title of the dissertation published by the team of three doctors is "Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route".
There are two main types of core content that the paper claims based on the results of gene analysis. First, coronaviruses exhibit biological properties that are inconsistent with naturally occurring viruses. It also means that it can be artificially produced within 6 months based on the bat coronavirus. Dr. Yan provided three scientific grounds for this claim.

1, SARS-CoV-2 gene base sequence is suspiciously similar to the bat coronavirus (ZC45, ZXC211) found at the Military Research Institute of the Third Military Medical University in Chongqing, China and the Medical Research Institute of Nanjing Command, Nanjing, China.

2, The RBM which is SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that binds to receptors on human cells, was similar to the SARS virus that prevailed in 2003. There was also evidence in the gene that this RBM was genetically engineered. spike proteins are proteins that project out onto the surface of the virus, and coronavirus binds to receptors in human cells through these spike proteins.

3, SARS-CoV-2 spike protein has a furin isolation site that enhances virus infectivity. However, this site cannot be found at all in the naturally occurring coronaviruses of the same strain. The unique base sequence of this separation site indicates that this site is not simply the result of natural evolution through inter-animal transmission and re-formulation. It is highly possible that it was artificially inserted into the novel coronavirus.

The paper also contains the results of a comparative analysis of genes between bat virus and SARS-CoV-2. Dr. Yan‘s team presented a method for artificially creating SARS-CoV-2 in five stages based on three scientific grounds. Each stage takes 15 days at the least and 3 months at the longest, and claims that he can make the virus in six months.

However, it seems that some authorities have questioned this paper without conducting verification experiments. Certainly, military secrets or diplomatic risks cannot be denied. BSL4 facilities are also needed. Also, some stakeholders may rely on China money. But, it was an incident that caused great damage to the world.※ International tourism in particular suffered catastrophic damage. Shouldn't the labs around the world verify it to prepare for the next? And, shouldn't China money be received as compensation?

By the way, why did Dr. appear on a British TV show?
Probably, that's because the United States, which is refraining from the presidential election, is cautious. In an interview with Fox News in July this year, Dr. presented the communication record of the doctor's smartphone as one of the evidence. This is a record of calls with many Chinese friends who were at the forefront of the infected area, and this is said to have already been verified by the FBI. Meanwhile, the UK plans to deploy HMS Queen Elizabeth (65,000 t.) to off Hong Kong, according to the Times on July 14. Yes, Dr‘s husband, parents and friends are under the supervision of the Chinese government.
Dr. Yan Li-Meng warns, "Knowing the origin of the virus is very important. We would not be able to overcome it without knowing it. This virus would threaten the lives of all."

Lawrence Bourne, chief economist of the OECD, told the French financial newspaper Les Echos that the global economic loss due to the global epidemic of the Wuhan virus would amount to 7 trillion USD by the end of 2021.

Zenodo https://zenodo.org/record/4028830

【9月17日現在の感染確認数】Number of confirmed infections as of September 17

 47都道府県で確認された感染者数は7万8322人で、死者数は1503人。死亡率は1.92%だ。東京発着「Go To トラベル」は明日から販売である。

The number of infected people confirmed in 47 prefectures is 78,322 people. the number of deaths is 1,503. the mortality is 1.92%. "Go To Travel" to / from Tokyo will be on sale from tomorrow.

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