No.146 "About the involvement of the tourism industry with regional development 2020" February issue

【五輪後にインバウンドが増えたのはロンドンの場合だけ】Only in London case has increased inbound after the Olympics


I compiled the data from the UNWTO Tourism Highlights into a graph, and it looked like this.


In short, it's only in the UK that inbound has increased after the Olympics, and it is based on the following national strategy.

【英国旅行業協会ABTA】Association of British Travel Agents (2018年のNo.131から再録)


Japan has been getting hotly a lot of attention from travel agencies around the world by 2019 Rugby World Cup, 2020 Olympics and Paralympic Games, and 2021 World Masters Games Kansai.
Although the Brexit influence is concerned, UK is one of them. ABTA in this country decided to hold a travel convention in Tokyo, By overturning what was conventional held in the EU area.
The period is from October 7th to 9th, and the place is the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa. according to the Kanko-keizai Shimbun, it seems that 500 people including ABTA affiliated travel companies executives of the UK are prospective participation.
However, according to ABTA's website, this seems to be the result of the Japan National Tourism Organization's competitive bidding with other countries. Mega events are also so, but I expect results that exceed the investment cost.
To do that, we should also learn the invisible wisdom of the London Olympics 2012. The inbound in the UK in 2012 stagnated for the "crowding out" but it was surged from the following year. According to the UNWTO's Tourism Highlights 2014, it was 29,306,000 people in 2011, 29,282,000 people in 2012 and 31,064,000 people in 2013. What is that secret?
Actually, this is the result of the screen tourism operation by VisitBritain.
That in the opening ceremony of the Olympics, James Bond and Queen Elizabeth (stand-in) started with descended to the main stadium by parachutes. after that, "SKYFALL" set in London and Scotland was released all over the world. at the same time, sales of the four Bond tours for towards the world by VisitBritain. Moreover, it is still continuing after the release of the next movie "SPECTRE".
According to Tourism highlights 2018, the number of people who entered the UK in 2016 since this movie was released was 35,814,000, nearly 20% more than the Olympic year. advertising effect by prominent movies is amazingly long.
Incidentally, revenues from the world of "SKYFALL" are 1,108,561,013 USD, "SPECTRE" is 880,614,360 USD. Film exports too it is one of the pillar of UK's "service trade". the jurisdiction is DCMS Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.
Crank-in of the latest 007 movie is early next year. Directed by Japanese-American Cary George Fukunaga. The release schedule is 2020, by distribution company and supervision change, and on the overseas it will be distributed as Universal Picture. Although the story is secretive, from the trend of the ending of the previous work, it seems that Bond's marriage and the death of the bride are likely to come to the beginning of the movie. In the original novel, Bond is sent to Japan as a diplomatic mission as a mental rehabilitation, but he confront against a foe coincidentally.
If it comply with this plot, I think that it will promote tourism exchanges between the UK-Japan certainly.
Of course, its locations are Mie prefecture in the original novel. Although Mie prefecture had sufficient road development by hosting the G7 summit, because there are relatively few foreign tourists, there are few obstacles and it is possible to movie shooting in a short time. In recently it was entered at the 31th Tokyo International Film Festival, and "Han-sekai(Half World)" scheduled to be released in February next year was shooting in such as Matsusaka city's the ryokan Yachiyo in Mie prefecture about one month. Yachiyo is a traditional Japanese cuisine ryokan with more than 100 years of establishment, and it is the registered cultural property of the country. ABTA officials may be interested based on the "Japan-UK season of culture" conducted by the Japanese and UK governments from next year to 2020. Otherwise the seriousness is suspected.

【外国映画撮影の誘致政策】Policy to attract foreign movie filming


However, the Japanese government seems to have finally been able to raise its heavy waist. According to FNN News, the government will subsidize the filming of foreign movies in Japan as the prototype stage. The first is the third movie in the GI Joe series of American movies. the places are said to be Tokyo, Kyoto, Ibaraki, and Hyogo. According to reports says that was not able to attract 007 new movie in fierce international competition.
The following is the result of a survey conducted by the METI on measures to attract filming in other countries.

 2019年9/23のInfo Cilentoによると、イタリアのカンパニアにあるサプリの町は "007/ノータイム・トゥーダイ"の撮影場所に選ばれたが、劇中では架空の町"Civita Lucana"になると言われている。

If you are a long time reader, you will notice. Something important is missing. that is a branding perspective.
According to Info Cilento on September 23, 2019, the town of Sapuri in Campania, Italy, was selected as a filming location for "007 No Time To Die", but it is said in the play it will be a fictitious town "Civita Lucana".
However, this is unlikely to be a successful city promotion. Because, visitors want a commemorative photo or want to relive the experience.

【コロナウィルスの拡散2/3】The spread of the coronavirus as of February 3

Chinese New Year Holiday was Jan.25-31

Within 10 km around Shin-Osaka Station - daily occupancy rate of hotels (Dec.1-Feb.4)


In addition to having too many denominators, we can see the impact of the sharp decline in China inbound.

【2019年12月の国際収支】December's Balance of payments 2019

[経常収支/国際収支 ]Current Account Balance / Balance of Payments

            Jan.  6,004
            Feb. 26,768
            Mar. 28,479
            Apr. 17,074
            May  15,948
            Jun. 12,112
            Jul. 19,999
            Aug. 18.237
            Sep. 16.129
            Oct. 18,168
            Nov. 14,368
            Dec.  5,240

[経常収支の内訳]Breakdown of the Current Account Balance

   ○貿易収支 Trade         ○サービス収支 Services
    Jan.▲9,448       Jan.▲1,512
    Feb. 4,892       Feb. 2,366
    Mar. 7,001       Mar. 3,451
    Apr.  ▲982       Apr.▲3,124
    May ▲6,509       May  1,372
    Jun. 7,593       Jun.   509
    Jul.  ▲745       Jul.▲2,299
    Aug.   509       Aug.   233
    Sep.    11       Sep.   401
    Oct. 2,540       Oct.  ▲995
    Nov.▲5,396       Nov.   401
    Dec. 1,207       Dec.   245

   ○第一次所得収支 Primary Income  ○第二次所得収支 Secondary Income
    Jan.17,592       Jan.  ▲428
    Feb.20,145       Feb.  ▲635
    Mar.20,564       Mar.▲2,538
    Apr.21,303       Apr.  ▲120
    May 22,574       May ▲1,488
    Jun. 4,273       Jun.  ▲263
    Jul.23,899       Jul.  ▲856
    Aug.22,681       Aug.▲1,846
    Sep.18,054       Sep.▲2,337
    Oct.17,775       Oct.▲1,151
    Nov.14,575       Nov.▲1,813
    Dec. 4,001       Dec.  ▲213

[サービス収支の内訳]Breakdown of the Service Balance

   ○トランスポート Transport    ○トラベル Travel
    Jan.  ▲833       Jan. 2.271
    Feb.  ▲864       Feb. 2,274
    Mar.  ▲689       Mar. 2,076
    Apr.  ▲826       Apr. 2,564
    May   ▲779       May  2,305
    Jun.  ▲539       Jun. 2,332
    Jul.  ▲865       Jul. 2,293
    Aug.  ▲760       Aug. 1,518
    Sep.  ▲621       Sep. 1,503
    Oct.  ▲685       Oct. 2,035
    Nov.  ▲615       Nov. 2,115
    Dec.  ▲533       Dec. 2,209

           ○その他サービス Other Services
             Feb.   957
             Mar. 2,064
             May   ▲154
             Aug.  ▲525
             Sep.  ▲480
             Nov.   130

[トランスポートの内訳]Breakdown of the Transport

   ○海上旅客 Sea Pasenger      ○海上貨物 Sea Freight
    Jan.    ▲4       Jan.  ▲515
    Feb.    ▲6       Feb.  ▲500
    Mar.     0       Mar.  ▲412
    Apr.   ▲12       Apr.  ▲571
    May    ▲23       May   ▲427
    Jun.   ▲16       Jun.  ▲267
    Jul.   ▲14       Jul.  ▲413
    Aug.   ▲13       Aug.  ▲451
    Sep.   ▲10       Sep.  ▲219
    Oct.   ▲12       Oct.  ▲262
    Nov.   ▲10       Nov.  ▲372
    Dec.   ▲10       Dec.  ▲361

   ○航空旅客 Air Passenger      ○航空貨物 Air Freight
    Jan.  ▲409       Jan.    46
    Feb.  ▲407       Feb.    39
    Mar.  ▲356       Mar.    41
    Apr.  ▲363       Apr.    55
    May   ▲456       May     38
    Jun.  ▲375       Jun.    60
    Jul.  ▲599       Jul.    54
    Aug.  ▲383       Aug.    41
    Sep.  ▲442       Sep.    35
    Oct.  ▲484       Oct.    30
    Nov.  ▲330       Nov.    51
    Dec.  ▲314       Dec.    54

                  (単位:億円 Unit:100 million JPY)

【2019年の国際収支】Balance of payments 2019


On February 10, the Japanese Ministry of Finance published its 2019 Balance of Payments (Preliminary). the current account was 2,059.7 billion JPY and it was up 4.4% from the previous year.
Trade balance was a surplus of 553.6 billion JPY. Goods exports fell 6.3% to 76,115.7 billion JPY, due to a drop in auto parts to China and steel to Thailand. Goods imports fell 5.6% to JPY 75,562.2 billion JPY, due to falling prices of LNG etc..
Travel balance was 2.635 trillion JPY, up 9.1%. this is record-high update of the fifth consecutive year. However, the overall Service balance was only 175.8 billion JPY surplus, because Transport balance and Others to pull the foot.
Japanese newspapers are only concerned, from now on about the deterioration of service balance due to the decrease of inbound due to coronavirus. But it does not mention the deficit transportation balance at all.





【コロナウィルスの拡散2/21】The spread of the coronavirus as of February 21


A new coronavirus from Wuhan, which has closed a city of 10 million people, has burst into the world on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. According to Jiji-tsushin on February 20, not only inbound tourists but also Japanese tourists have been holding back.
First of all, the number of visitors to this year's Sapporo Snow Festival has dropped to about 2.02 million, down about 700,000 from the previous year. It is said that it "seems to have returned ten years ago" in Sanningzaka in Higashiyama, Kyoto, which was crowded even on weekdays by inbound. Also, complained in Osaka City too, "Chinese customers have halved. also Japanese people have decreased."
Some cancellations have been made on domestic travel too. JTB pointed out that "reservation applications for large consecutive holidays in the spring are slow. Many customers are watching how far the effects of the new type pneumonia will continue." On the outbound, not only have many tours to China been canceled, but also cancellations to Southeast Asia are on the rise. and, it is said that the trend of university students traveling abroad has changed significantly to Europe rather than to Asia.
In addition, according to the Asahi Shimbun on the same day, the bus division of Osaka Castle Taxi, which accounts for 40% of sales, fell by 90% year-on-year. The company was conducting a tour of Chinese group passengers entering from KIX and returning from Narita Airport, but the cancellation began in late January and in early February completely lost customers from overseas, including Southeast Asia.
According to the IATA (International Air Transport Association), says that a projected global loss of $ 29.3 billion in 2020 losses for global airlines due to reduced demand due to the growing outbreak of the new coronavirus did.
In Japan as well, flight reductions are continuing at each company. JAL and ANA have suspended and reduced flights on mainland and Hong Kong routes. JAL has expanded its coverage to Taiwan and Korea routes too. Singapore Airlines will reduce flights on some routes in East Asia, Europe and the United States until the end of May. Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon will reduce capacity by approximately 30% during winter timetables.
On February 25, it is reported that a ryokan will bankruptcy. Nishiura Onsen in Gamagouri City, Aichi Prefecture, is located on the opposite bank of Mie Prefecture, between Ise Bay and in the center of Mikawa Bay between the Atsumi Peninsula and Chita Peninsula. Among them, Fujimi-so was the oldest long-established ryokan in Nishiura Onsen. According to Jiji news, the company posted sales of 550 million JPY at its peak in the fiscal year ended December 31, 2005, but the subsequent recession caused a shortage of funds, and in August 2013, a deadlock surfaced, but in recent years it was focused on accepting Chinese tours. however, the new Coronavirus prevented the demand at Chinese New Year and as a result of the inability to predict the future, it is said that it has abandoned business continuity. It is not good to be highly dependent on China.
On the other hand, on this day, the Japanese government held a meeting of the New Coronavirus Control Headquarters at the Prime Minister's Office, discussed how to deal with the spread of infection, and decided on a basic policy. I think it exaggerated. it should not be a pandemic. Perhaps this is with the Olympics in mind. however, the uproar is not good.






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